Casalife kitchens - berbel ceiling lift hoods, island hoods, wall-mounted hoods, headroom hoods, built-in hoods, fan units and hob extraction systems. Made in Germany

Why choose berbel?

Filter-free grease separation

Say goodbye to greasy kitchen surfaces! berbel cooker hoods remove up to 97% of fat, without the need for a filter. Patented centrifugal force technology separates fat particles from air, leaving your kitchen dirt-free!

Odour-free cooking

As a result of this separation, up to 97% of kitchen odour is removed straight from the source. No more opening windows for hours after cooking fish or grilling meat!

Open, wipe clean!

A stainless-steel tray collects cooking grease, effortless to open and remove. Simply wipe the surface clean and return for top performance. Smaller models have dishwasher friendly trays, saving you even more time.

Quiet and eco-friendly:

Berbel design their products with your quality of life in mind. Whisper-quiet operation means you won’t have to raise your voice in conversation or turn up the TV. Powered by fan motors that use up to 62% less energy than other brands, you can rest easy knowing you’re saving on energy bills and emissions.

Award-winning design

Berbel products have won no fewer than 12 international design awards since 2010. The sleek, elegant and modern look will be the talk of your dinner party or the centrepiece of your showroom.

Ample choice

berbel has solutions for every need. Mobile kitchen island hoods for large family kitchens. Solid wall-mounted extractor fans. Downline pop-up hoods. Even hob-integrated hoods for compact kitchens. View all berbel models here

Recirculation, Extraction or both?

Recirculation – returning clean air back to the kitchen – fans have a large and powerful active carbon filter which removes 97% of cooking smells. Replace the carbon every 2-3 years to keep your berbel fan working in top condition.

Extraction fans are ducted outdoors. The motor-operated wall box exhaust opens and closes only when the fan is in use for clever energy efficiency and insulation

The Eco-Switch mode gives you the best of both worlds at the touch of a button. Maximum energy efficiency for even lower emissions and bills!

Outperforming the rest

New research by independent product testers SLG Prüf in Germany found that berbel fans perform from 25% to 51% better than other brands, over longer periods, for grease separation.

performance of berbel vs other brands


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