With more people turning on to fresh and nutritious food, Samsung has introduced an exciting new oven that with added steam cook function.
The Dual Cook ovens are the highlight of their Infinite Range, available from Autumn 2020. Thanks to its two fans separated by a detatchable divider, these ovens offer 8 cooking combinations for baking and steaming, giving you incredible control over a wide range of dishes.
We all know steaming food helps to preserve vitamins and minerals. Samsung have designed the full steam encapsulated tray for a dedicated steaming process inside the oven. This also lets you bake on top at the same time – an incredible energy-saving solution for complex meals!
That’s not all though – the interval steaming option ensures your roasts remain seared on the outside and juicy on the inside.
The integrated meat probe allows for full temperature control at all times, so you can cook to perfection. And, with the SmartThings app, there’s no need for you to be anywhere near the oven to achieve this. Track both oven zone temperatures from your smartphone and adjust from wherever you are.
Once you’re back in the kitchen, the oven’s full-touch LCD and large dial interface give you intuitively simple control. Once you’re done, the steam-assisted Pyrolisis cleaning function lends more than a helping hand to loosen cooking dirt.
Spend less time cooking and cleaning and more time enjoying the food – words we can live by.

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