Kitchen Concepts

Whether you are looking for the latest cutting-edge technology, or the individual touch of a hand-crafted custom-made kitchen, we work with highly-respected and professional kitchen manufacturers who cater for all tastes.

Real materials – Surface innovations

As experienced designers for over 30 years, we understand the needs of architects, couples and individuals – from the rustic, country styles, to the sleek ultra-modern, to the avant-garde and adventurous. We always aim to create something truly unique, using the best materials available.

Whatever the style or concept you have in mind, please contact us to discuss.

Materials: A broad range of choice.


Laminate coatings offer a refined and convincing wood effect with balanced, natural colour tones and high resilience. This touch material can also come in anti-fingerprint and anti-bacteral coatings. An affordable and durable option for your kitchen.


Exposed concrete is now indispensable as a design element in modern architecture. When combined with other materials, the optical and haptic effect is an impressive sight.


The perfection of nature’s design process, inspiring and revered. Stone fronts are an intentionally impressive and provocative contrast in the kitchen. Slate and metal work especially well as a pairing in this context.


Well-known for its hygienic qualities with no porosity. Ceramic is suitable both indoors and outdoors, resistant to heat, mould, fungi and stains and also handles detergents and other cleaning products better than other materials.

Our passion is to make first class kitchens a reality and so Casalife work also with acknow¬ledged architects and interior designers


One of the most interesting materials to use in kitchen design, and employed by the most innovative and modern designers due to its haptic coolness. Metal is also antimicrobial and antibacterial as well as being eco-friendly. 


Historically our most important building material and the most natural. Our fine veneers are one of a kind and add to the unique elements of your kitchen.

There are hundreds of options to choose from to produce a highly-customised finish.Wood is also the most natural and chemical-free of all kitchen materials.

We also offer many types of modern-looking doors as part of our 3-layer collection – treated with oil and paint for the most natural finish – as well as solid wood doors.

Bar counters can also be made to match for that extra special touch.

wood coating for kitchen doors


Surfaces can be painted in all colour shades and different lacquer styles. The high quality of workmanship in the products we supply means that all our lacquer finishes are highly durable.

Our passion is to make first class kitchens a reality and so Casalife work also with acknow¬ledged architects and interior designers


With a glossy or satin surface, glass is available in almost any colour and can be painted from behind to produce an optimal depth effect. Glass offers countless design possibilities.

Draw and Cupboard Interiors

Our enthusiasm for materials is just as present with the internal elements of your kitchen: high quality, processed wood can turn interior fittings into the hidden gem of the kitchen.

The possibilities are endless: adjustable separators matching drawers in solid oak, maple and beech with real tongue and groove joints. Create your own interior personality for a truly unique touch.

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The special feature of every kitchen is in the individual and a plan-based analysis of the room and personality of the individual, who will own it in the future.

Regardless of whether you are using the kitchen table or the whole cooking island: With the electric height adjustment the kitchen adapts to suit you and not vice versa. Low for breakfast with the kids, at worktop height for cooking with friends, at bar height for later in the evening.


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